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Campaign Consent Plus builds on the success of the Client Consent Service but does not require a click to capture data. In fact, every time you send out a campaign to clients and they view the email - Deal Qi sends your CRM additional infomration real time after processing the breadcrumbs.

As your clients leave a digital trail, we process it and send it on to you.

The basics of Who, What, When, Where and How are forward to you for instant reporting and analysis.

The Following Data can be captured and sent to your CRM with the Plus Package:

      Geo IP (Estimated Geographic Location of Client)
      Est. Population of City
      ISP Type Details
      Cient Device Type/Manufacturer (e.g. iPhone/Galaxy/PC etc.)
      Browser Type
      Time-Date Stamp of Action
      Preferred Primary Language
      Content Dwell Time
      User Id / Content Id
Note: Tracking is on a best-effort basis. Not all jurisdictions, privacy settings, locations, and/or VPN Tunnels allow for services to be rendered. Most clients receive on average about 90% visibility benifits on digital tracking efforts.